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Take Back Your Health Speaker Becca Thomas

Becca Thomas, RN, FNTP

Registered Nurse & Nutritionist

Play Video about How to Be Your Own Healthcare Advocate: Becca Thomas

Note: In addition to the website listed in the video, you may also contact Becca at beccathomas.com. 

How to Be Your Own Healthcare Advocate

In a world filled with conflicting and confusing information about medicine and health, it can be hard to know what’s right for YOUR health. Learn the steps you can take to be your own best healthcare advocate!

About Becca

Becca Thomas is registered nurse and nutritionist who specializes in helping women optimize fertility naturally.

Becca also hosts the Step Out of Line podcast, where she helps people find their own path to health, even if it’s unconventional.

She is also a wife and homeschool mom to three children.

Contact Becca at beccathomas.com.

Take Back Your Health Speaker Dr. Jordan Weil

Dr. Jordan Weil


Missed Dr. Jordan’s talk? Catch similar talks at his Eau Claire office. Link to the full schedule under “How to Connect With Us” at eauclairewi.thewellnessway.com.

Make Immune Systems Strong Again

We live in a world where every disease and ailment is at an all-time high. Learn how inflammation leads to disease, and how to fight it. Unlock the true potential of your body the way it was designed to be!

About Dr. Jordan

Dr. Jordan is passionate about finding the root cause to problems and helping his patients unlock the body’s full potential for recovery. He truly believes that the healing journey can begin for anyone at any age, and he lives by the words of his mentors, seeking wisdom and working with consistency and purpose. Dr. Jordan is determined to bring this new perspective of health to the Eau Claire area. 

Dr. Jordan spent three years learning from the Wellness Way practitioners in the student program while going through school, and another seven months training beside Dr. Patrick Flynn at the Wellness Way corporate office in Green Bay, WI.  

During his free time, you can find Dr. Jordan practicing his golf game, weightlifting at the local gym, or relaxing with his beautiful wife, Jenna, and their two dogs, Lucy and Chloe. 

Contact Dr. Jordan at eauclairewi.thewellnessway.com.

Chad Anderson

Fitness Coach

Play Video about Getting Fit for Average People: Chad Anderson

Getting Fit for Average People

We’ll take a quick dive into the actual changes you need to make in your life to get and maintain a healthy body!

About Chad

I was the average schmuck with a wife and kids working at a desk job doing telephone sales and basically hating life. 

In my mid 20s, I wanted to change what seemed to be my fate when it came to fitness.  I put a fitness resistance machine in the basement and started my journey.

For the last 20 years, I have struggled with obesity and body image, but I’m winning the war.

Contact Chad at fundamentalfitnesscoach.com.

Take Back Your Health Speaker Joseph Bauer

Joseph Bauer


Play Video about How Radical Localism Can Save American Liberty: Joseph Bauer

How Radical Localism Can Save American Liberty

In the final years of the Soviet Union, Russians began to laugh at the regime’s propaganda. No matter the spin, you cannot convince people that things are going well when there is no food on the table and when basic services begin to dissolve. Today, many Americans are beginning to believe that “trusted institutions” are actively working against their best interests.

Where do we go from here? Attorney Joseph Bauer discusses how a return to America’s very first principles — decentralized power and local government — can help protect our liberty.

About Joe

Joseph Bauer is a Wisconsin Attorney in private practice. When not fighting for justice or spending time with family, he hosts the Liberty Weekly Podcast under the name Patrick MacFarlane. He is a regular contributor at the Libertarian Institute, and his work has appeared in the “Viewpoints” section of antiwar.com. His work also may be found at bauerlawofficellc.com and libertyweekly.net
Joe is a passionate advocate for individual liberty and self ownership. He advocates a society where consenting individuals should be left alone as long as they are not violating the rights of others.
Contact Joe at bauerlawofficellc.com.


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Paula Cole offers natural products and remedies designed with your health in mind.

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Juice Plus+ products are designed to help you move forward wherever you are on your health journey, one simple change at a time.

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Dr. Trevor Secraw and his wife, Katy, serve families with Christ as the foundation of our lives, and chiropractic as the foundation of our health.

Foundations serves all ages, and specializes in prenatal and pediatric care.

Learn more and get in touch on their website or their Facebook page.

Sensible Solutions Care Clinic provides expert primary and acute medical services and health coaching services on site, in clinic, or via telemedicine.

Services are available to members based on a flat monthly fee, or to non-members on a per visit basis.

Learn more and get in touch on their website or their Facebook page.

Kirk, Julie and family breed Black Angus and SIMAngus cattle in Barron, Wisconsin.

Their locally bred, born, raised, and processed beef is made from real grass, with no implants or hormones! Available in quarters, halves (cut per your request), and 1-lb packages of hamburger and other cuts.

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MOXIE Bottling and Distributing, LLC, is a bottler and distributor of the highest-quality, 50-state legal, edible and topical CBD oil products.

MOXIE products originate from organically grown hemp. The entire process, from seed to consumer, happens right here in Western Wisconsin.

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Arbonne’s mission is to empower people to flourish with sustainable healthy living. Healthy living to improve MIND. BODY. SKIN.™

Arbonne’s philosophy embraces the connection between a healthier mind, stronger body, and more beautiful skin.

View products & benefits on Mindy’s Arbonne Independent Consultant site

Discover your strength! The mission of Fundamental Fitness is to help you improve your health using the fundamental principles of physical fitness.

Chad Anderson, a Certified Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach, opened Fundamental Fitness to help people move better, feel better, and look better.

Learn more and get in touch with Chad on his website or Facebook page.

Your emotional, mental, and physical health problems are affecting your life.

Point of Renewal Integrated Health wants to help you find the next level of health and wellbeing through acupuncture, hydromassage and other holistic services.

Learn more and get in touch with the team on their website or Facebook page

Jodi Benusa, CEO of Midwest Geriatric Consulting Services, LLC, is your trusted partner for the best outcomes for those who need it most.

Jodi started MGCS as consumer navigator system for those who need help when it comes to planning the future of the aged.

Learn more and get in touch with Jodi on her website, or request access to her private Facebook group.

Green Leaf Farms is an aquaponics farm specializing in locally grown fresh fish and chemical-free, dirt-free, year-round vegetables & micro-greens.

Look for their products at select grocers and restaurants in the area, as well as in the garden stand at their farm.

Learn more and get in touch on their website or Facebook page

The Amos Center for Justice and Liberty is a nonprofit, public interest law firm dedicated to vindicating Americans’ constitutional and civil rights.

The team have been fighting for the people on a number of health and medical freedom fronts, including masks in schools, vaccine mandates, failure to treat, and vaccine injuries and deaths.

Learn more and get in touch on their website

The Wellness Way goes beyond symptom-based care to allow your mind and body to find an individualized path back to better health.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, they utilize in-depth testing and cutting-edge diagnostic tools to uncover the hidden sources of health problems.

Learn more and get in touch on their website or Facebook page.

Becca Thomas is registered nurse and nutritionist who specializes in helping women optimize fertility naturally.

Becca also hosts the Step Out of Line podcast, where she helps people find their own path to health, even if it’s unconventional.

She is also a wife and homeschool mom to three children.

Learn more and get in touch on Becca’s website or Facebook page.

Among their many services for improving skin health, Journey Skincare, LLC, in Chetek offers woodtool therapy to break up tight fascia, help move the lymphatic system, and increase collagen. 

Learn more and get in touch on their Facebook page, or book an appointment on their website.

Americans for Prosperity is a nonprofit, grassroots organization that believes what unites us is the power of the individual.  

Some of their health and medicine related advocacy includes supporting a personal option for health care, reimagining health care, and fighting against government control of health care. 

Learn more, get involved, and sign petitions on their website and follow the Wisconsin AFP Facebook page.

Immune Boosters and Early C-19 Treatment

Early Treatment & Immune Boosters

Click here to download a brochure of immune-boosting and early treatment recipes. 

Click here to visit the Early Treatment Report website and download the Early Treatment Packet for C-19. 


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