Election Integrity

Fair elections are “the foundation of our democracy.”

Fair elections ensure we have a government of, by, and for the people.

Votes must be fairly & accurately recorded so that election results reflect the will of the American people.

Our Focus


November 2020 Election

Is questioning the legitimacy of the last presidential election “a threat to our democracy?” The truth is the opposite. Ignoring the widespread evidence of illegal votes & voting processes in our last presidential election is the real threat.

We support the efforts of those working to expose and rectify the wrongs in that election.


Future Elections

Many current voting policies & procedures don’t guard against fraud, they enable it. Issues include inaccurate voter rolls, voting systems that can misallocate votes, chain of custody failures, illegal drop boxes, vote counting without meaningful observation, vote counting after “election day”, and more. 

We support and encourage voting policy and procedure reform to restore the basic safeguards that used to be built into our system.

Take Action


Tell your elected officials that election integrity is a high priority for you 

Support candidates who are prioritizing election integrity, including rectifying the wrongs of 2020 

Get involved as a poll worker or poll watcher

Learn how election machines work, and how to ask the right questions of election officials at SecureTheVoteCount.com

Donate to organizations like Amos Center for Justice & Liberty and the Thomas More Society, who are fighting election fraud, and The America Project, which is uniting citizens to preserve American freedoms and values

Election Integrity News

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