Local Governance

The greatest impact we can have politically is to get involved locally

We need to be Constitutionally-minded individuals who will stand up and defend our God-given freedom in places that most affect our day-to-day lives!

Our Focus



We attend and speak up at local public meetings, including school, city or town, and county levels.



We reach out to local officials to learn more about key issues, share our perspective, and advocate for upholding the Constitution in all decisions. 



We run for local offices and/or support candidates who are committed to upholding the Constitution and defending our God-given rights.

Take Action

Connect & Educate

* * * Spring 2024 Elections * * *

February 20: Spring Primary*

April 2: Spring Election & Presidential Preference Primary

*Not all precincts will require a spring primary for local offices. Get personalized election info at myvote.wi.gov

Get info about all candidates at wisconsinvote.org/candidates-races

Attend meet-the-candidate sessions hosted by individual candidates


Give input to public officials

Attend public meetings

Volunteer to help candidates campaign

Donate to candidates you support

Tell your friends and neighbors about candidates you support, and why 

Offer to display yard signs

Citizens united. The answer is US.